Pools and Spas

In addition to the standard home inspection, I also offer Pool and Spa inspections. A Pool and Spa inspection can be bundled with a home inspection, or be done as a 'stand-alone' inspection.

These inspections are a great value, as pools and their accompanying systems can have significant repair issues that may be expensive to fix. You also need to be sure that the pool is safe for your family to use.

Just like a home inspection, a pool inspection involves a visual assessment of the accessible systems and components. 

What is included:

  • Shell, deck, tile, and coping surface condition

  • Condition and operation of mechanical components including pumps, heaters, and filters

  • Condition of all exposed piping and valves

  • Exposed electrical, including outlets, GFCI protection, and equipment bonding

  • Pool-related hardware such as protective fencing, slides, ladders, diving boards, and lighting

  • Equipment operation (using standard controls) to confirm proper operation, skimming, jet pumps and blowers

  • Presence of safety drain covers

What is not included:

  • All underground electrical and plumbing

  • Pool body and decorative components such as tile, paint, and special coatings

  • Chemical water treatment systems

  • Chemical conditions/balance of the pool water

  • Sizing and adequacy of the pool equipment

  • Projections of life expectancy or future performance of any equipment, system structure, or component

  • Determining compliance with installation guidelines, manufacturer's specifications, building codes, ordinances, regulations, covenants or other restrictions (including local interpretations).

  • Roof-mounted solar panels

  • Programming computerized control systems

To see the complete set of Golden Arrow Pool and Spa Inspection Standards, click here.

Inspections are scheduled at your convenience; I am available days, evenings, weekends, and holidays. Call 805-368-3205 to schedule your inspection, or go to the Contact page.

Confirming proper operating pressure of a cartridge filter

Confirming proper operating pressure of a cartridge filter

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